Wadddddddup yo? I’m Kelsey! Welcome to my blog. I started this blog to document my experiments in the kitchen and my progress in tricking my body that it loves to run. I spend most of my free time either in the kitchen (only while I’m cooking, I tend to disappear when it’s time to cleanup), at the gym staring at myself in the mirror as I run on the treadmill or sitting my butt on the couch with a book.

I was born and raised in the fabulous state of Maryland but recently decided to pack up my stuff and move to the Midwest city they call Chicago.

I hope to capture all of my life’s adventures of living in the windy city. AKA the food I cook, my journey to the Chicago Marathon, the books I read and the trashy TV shows I watch. I’m a health-nut, book-worm and exercise fiend.

Join me, Kelsey, on this exciting journey as I embrace the challenges and joys of my new life in Chicago. From mastering the art of healthy cooking to hitting the pavement for marathon training, my blog is a window into my world of self-discovery and fun.

Kelsey Hammons, Author Ready, Set, Feast

Whether it’s experimenting with new recipes, exploring the city, diving into the latest page-turner, or indulging in my guilty pleasure of trashy TV shows, I share it all. Expect a mix of humor, sincerity, and a touch of sass, along with snapshots of my life, sprinkled with some less-than-perfect photography.

If all of this somehow interests you, stick around for lots of great mediocre photography, red wine and ridiculous nonsense. But stick around mostly for lovely pictures of yours truly.

Thanks for stopping by! Now go read my blog.