Cooking Is All About Unlimited Possibilities!

Okay, so here’s how it happened: I’m in my kitchen, feeling like a contestant on one of those high-pressure cooking shows. I’m all set to bake the world’s best chocolate cake. I’ve got my apron on, my ingredients lined up, and I’m ready to whisk my way to glory. Everything’s going smoothly until I reach for the vegetable oil. But wait- plot twist- in a classic ‘me’ move, I accidentally grab the olive oil instead. Yep, you heard that right. Olive oil. In a chocolate cake.

As the cake’s baking, I’m pacing around my kitchen like it’s the scene of a culinary crime. I’m preparing my taste buds for what I expect to be a cake-tastrophe. But then, the timer dings, and it’s the moment of truth. I take a bite, and- holy smokes- it’s not just good; it’s ‘Where have you been all my life?’ good. The olive oil transformed my ordinary chocolate cake into this incredibly moist, rich, almost sophisticated dessert. It’s like my kitchen blunder took me on a detour through Tuscany.

So there you have it, folks- my accidental journey to discovering what I now proudly call my Signature Olive Oil Chocolate Cake. Goes to show, sometimes the best recipes come from the heart… and a little bit of kitchen confusion.

The Accidental Chocolate Cake
This Is The Accidental Chocolate Cake I Made!

Cooking Is Fun For Me, As It Should Be For You!

That’s my motto here at Ready, Set, Feast! Picture cooking not as a rigid set of rules, but as an exciting playground of flavors. It’s about that pinch of creativity, that dash of daring, which turns ‘just another meal’ into ‘your signature dish’.

Take, for example, the humble meatball. It’s a globetrotter! In Italy, they’re tenderly simmered in marinara, while over in Sweden, they’re cozily nestled in a creamy sauce. Same concept, wildly different (and delicious) outcomes. That’s the beauty of cooking- a single recipe can take on countless delicious identities across the globe.

This blog isn’t just another recipe dump; it’s a vibrant hub where unique recipes, nifty cooking tips, and time-saving hacks live in harmony. Here, you’ll embark on a culinary adventure, exploring philosophies that make each cuisine distinct and delightful. From the rustic charm of Mediterranean dishes to the bold spices in Asian kitchens, we’ll unravel the secrets that make each style sing.

Ready, Set, Feast is where you’ll find not just the ‘how-tos’ but the ‘why-nots’ of cooking, encouraging you to stir in a bit of yourself into every dish. Let’s cook, experiment, and most importantly, have fun with our food!

I’m Kelsey Hammons – Your Culinary Co-Conspirator!

I’m Kelsey Hammons, your guide to a whirlwind of flavors and fun, right here in Chicago! I started this blog as my culinary diary- from kitchen experiments to my quirky quest of loving to run. Most days, you’ll find me either whipping up something delicious (and conveniently vanishing during cleanup), jogging on the treadmill (while admiring the gym mirrors), or lounging with a book and some trashy TV. Originally from Maryland, I’ve brought my zest for life to the bustling streets of the Windy City, ready to embrace all its adventures.

Join me on this journey of self-discovery, where I juggle the art of healthy cooking, marathon training, and my love for literature and guilty-pleasure shows. Expect a cocktail of humor, heartfelt moments, and a dash of sass, all wrapped up in my not-so-perfect photography. From exploring new recipes to navigating city life, every post is a slice of my world. And hey, if you’re into great (okay, let’s say ‘mediocre’) photography, great food, and a dose of ridiculousness, you’re in for a treat! Thanks for dropping by- now, let’s dive into the blog and get our feast on!

Kelsey Hammons, Author Ready, Set, Feast

What Have I Covered In This Blog?

Creative Cooking Escapades

Delve into the art of adding personal flair to your cooking. Apart from straight out recipes that you can simply follow, I emphasize creativity in the kitchen, transforming mundane meals into signature dishes with just a pinch of imagination and a dash of daring.

Global Diverse Flavors

Join me on a journey to explore how a simple dish like meatballs can transform across cultures. From the Italian marinara twist to the Swedish creamy delight, I showcase how one recipe can have many different yet delicious global variations.

Culinary Philosophies

Uncover the unique culinary philosophies and techniques that define various cuisines. From the rustic allure of Mediterranean cooking to the vibrant spices of Asian fare, I share the essence of what makes each culinary style unique and flavorful.

Efficient And Fun Cooking Tips

Discover practical, time-saving cooking tips that make cooking not just efficient but also enjoyable. I focus on making the kitchen a space for fun and exploration, encouraging experimentation and enjoying the process of creating delicious meals.

Oh! I Forgot To Mention The Secret Ingredient Spotlight!

I’ll dive into the fascinating world of lesser-known, quirky ingredients that can totally transform your cooking game. Think of it as your culinary treasure hunt! Each post will highlight a different ‘secret ingredient’- from exotic spices to unusual veggies- and offer fun, creative ways to incorporate them into your everyday cooking. Not only will you learn about their origins and health benefits, but I’ll also share tips and recipes to showcase their unique flavors. This is your chance to spice up your kitchen routine and surprise your taste buds with something new and exciting!


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